Urban Outfitters: Charles Post and Dylan Bellingan

Here are three new posts on the Urban Outfitters blog. It’s interesting talking to these guys … Living in your van and “dirtbag glamour” is very in vogue right now … As someone who once lived in a Nissan Sentra and a child’s tent from Walmart, it’s a bit interesting to see this kind of thing promoted on this level. Anyway … both nice guys, and it was great to meet them on the phone

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Without Walls: Dylan Bellingan

Guide to living on the road

Transpacific Balloon Crossing – National Geographic

My latest piece for National Geographic covered the record-setting balloon flight across the Pacific Ocean last week.

The Two Eagles helium-filled balloon has landed safely some four miles off the coast of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico, becoming the second vessel of its kind to successfully cross the Pacific Ocean.

In doing so, pilots Troy Bradley, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Leonid Tiukhtyae of Moscow, Russia, have also achieved unofficial world records for distance traveled and duration aloft in a gas-filled balloon.


Dawn Wall coverage for National Geographic

I covered the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall for National Geographic. The coverage resulted in record traffic levels for their website, in terms of number of uniques and time spent on articles. Apparently, they were so excited over at the NG headquarters that the editor threw the news team a cupcake party. What else is there to say but that I’m honored and humbled to have contributed this journalism for such a prestigious publication.

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Without Walls blog: “Fuel Up: Breakydilla”

Breakfast burritos may be staples of cooking in the great outdoors, but there’s more to it than just scrambling up a bunch of eggs in a pan and folding them into a cold tortilla. Whether it’s a harmless beginner’s mistake or just someone who has completely lost the plot, they’re starting out their adventure with a huge dose of mediocrity—not to mention a pan caked with hard-to-clean egg residue.

Through my many summers spent living as a simple rock-climbing dirtbag and winters spent as a inchoate ski bum, I’ve learned a few important things about life, but none have been as consistent as learning how to cook the Breakydilla (patent pending). This is one of my most treasured recipes, something I once learned from a seasoned alpinist one morning in a cold desert wash.

The Breakydilla isn’t hard or complicated to make, nor does it even remotely draw upon the principles of classic French cuisine. It’s almost comically easy to cook up, but it’s precisely this extreme simplicity that contributes to its pleasing aesthetic. The Breakydilla is less about breakfast, and more about creating a state of mind and place. Here’s how to do it.

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