Without Walls blog: “Fuel Up: Breakydilla”

Breakfast burritos may be staples of cooking in the great outdoors, but there’s more to it than just scrambling up a bunch of eggs in a pan and folding them into a cold tortilla. Whether it’s a harmless beginner’s mistake or just someone who has completely lost the plot, they’re starting out their adventure with a huge dose of mediocrity—not to mention a pan caked with hard-to-clean egg residue.

Through my many summers spent living as a simple rock-climbing dirtbag and winters spent as a inchoate ski bum, I’ve learned a few important things about life, but none have been as consistent as learning how to cook the Breakydilla (patent pending). This is one of my most treasured recipes, something I once learned from a seasoned alpinist one morning in a cold desert wash.

The Breakydilla isn’t hard or complicated to make, nor does it even remotely draw upon the principles of classic French cuisine. It’s almost comically easy to cook up, but it’s precisely this extreme simplicity that contributes to its pleasing aesthetic. The Breakydilla is less about breakfast, and more about creating a state of mind and place. Here’s how to do it.

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